About us

We are Smart Building Bootcamp.

We’re here to make smart simple.

Our story

What is Smart Building Bootcamp?

Smart Building Bootcamp was set up to tackle one very specific problem: the smart building industry is overwhelmingly complicated.

There are hundreds of vendors all saying the same thing while at the same time all claiming they do smart ‘differently’. Researching smart technology often feels like an excruciating game of smoke and mirrors with thousands of different words seemingly describing the same thing…

Smart Building Bootcamp exists to equip you with the skills you need to interpret technical jargon. With our courses, you’ll be able to decipher statements like “Here, why not try some of our big data AI machine learning cloud-driven analytics?”.

Our industry-leading suite of courses is specifically designed to walk you through the fundamental components of smart building technology.

Each course has been tested with major clients, all on the same journey to gain a better understanding of smart technology.

Our Faculty

Meet the industry leaders responsible for delivering smart training to you.

Jon Couch

Director of Product amBX

Mark Curling

COO Klevio

Michael Grant

COO Metrikus and AirRated 

Sam Hall

Global Solutions Architect Schnieder Electric

Dr Matthew Marson

Co-Founder Smart Building Bootcamp

Zhelini Sivanesan

Geospatial Engineer Satellite Vu

Sam Warren

Regional VP HqO Europe

“The technology to deliver real world benefits is here, the word just needs to get out there to the right people so that successful projects with real world added value can become commonplace.”

Jon Couch
Director of Product, amBx