Smart Facilities Management

Facilities management operations are changing as a result of the data that IoT exposes. We will discuss use cases and analyse what FM companies are doing in the market.

Human/ Consumer Trends

Technology is shaping the built environment, but it’s a How and which technologies are shifting changing working patterns and our relationship with the built environment? In this session, we will cover how organisations are responding to changes in customer trends and attitudes to smart services.

Building a Business Case

The way in which technologies are procured is becoming increasingly varied and difficult to manage. In this session, we will cover licencing, ‘as a service’, hardware and software splits, and the 3:30:300 rule.

Technology Fundamentals

Technology is shaping the built environment, but it’s a complicated and convoluted world. We’ll break down the core building blocks of smart building technology and give you the rundown on how they work.

Market Opportunity

Smart is fundamentally disrupting how businesses are competing and operating. This session will cover the megatrends that are affecting commercial tenants and answer the question, why do we want or even need smart buildings?